5 Must-Own Small Kitchen Appliances You Never Knew Existed

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Every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon a really cool kitchen appliance that you never knew existed, but absolutely need to own. Its size, price-point, and practicality are just too difficult to pass up. You pull out your debit card and make an immediate purchase. No regrets!

If you’re in the market for new cookware that won’t break the bank, check out the following five must-own small kitchen appliances. You’ll find that they won’t just make food preparation convenient, but enjoyable as well. Get shopping!

#1: Compact Air Fryer

While air fryers are quick and easy to use, many of them are a bit on the bulky side. Sometimes they take up too much counter space or room in your kitchen cabinet. 

However, you’re in luck. There are compact air fryers that are half the size and price of the traditional models. These smaller air fryers also make cooking for one or two that much easier.

#2: Yogurt Maker

If you’re a big yogurt fan but have been unsuccessful in finding a brand that has the right combination of flavor and nutrition, look no further than your own personal yogurt maker. 

What better way to ensure what you’re putting into your body than to create your own snack.With some models, you can make up to seven different flavors at once.

#3: Vertical Bacon Grill

Bacon is arguably one of the greatest breakfast foods ever created (in our humble opinion). However, cooking this delectable meat can often leave behind an unwanted greasy mess. 

That’s where the vertical bacon grill comes into play. This kitchen gadget cooks the bacon vertically, draining away grease in the process. Lots of flavor with minimal clean up. Win-win!

#4: Grilled Cheese Toaster

Although making grilled cheese sandwiches isn’t too daunting of a task, anything that makes cooking easier shouldn’t be disregarded. 

The retro grilled cheese toaster single-handedly creates sandwiches that will rival your childhood lunches. Just plop the bread and cheese, along with other ingredients, into the toaster and wait for the ding. Voila!

#5: Double Belgian Waffle Maker

What’s better than a Belgian waffle (besides bacon, of course)? Two Belgian waffles ready at the same exact time! 

That’s right, the double waffle maker is perfect for those who want to maximize their simultaneous waffle consumption. Two waffles in the time it takes to normally cook one is basically a breakfast miracle!

Bonus: Throwback Popcorn Maker

While popcorn is one of the easiest snack foods to make, there’s nothing like theater popcorn during movie night. 

Simply add kernels to the movie-theater-inspired popcorn maker and listen to the “pop” that takes you back to the big screen. Don’t forget to drown the popcorn in butter before “popping” it into your mouth!