5 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Screen Clean and Germ-Free

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You’d be hard-pressed to go a day without seeing someone talking on their smartphone or touching the screen as they navigate through text messages and apps. People spend hours on their phone each day, transferring germs and bacteria from their face and fingers to the screen. They spend significantly less time cleaning their screen, if at all.

If you’ve neglected to clean your smartphone screen regularly or are looking for a more efficient way to do so, take a look at the following five tips and techniques to ensure your screen stays clean and germ-free.

#1: UV Lamps to Cut Through Germs

Although alcohol-based cleaners are more successful at cleaning your screen than plain water, many may damage your device’s internals and should, therefore, be avoided altogether. When possible, use UV lamps to cut through cell walls of bacteria and viruses.

UV-C technology uses a specific wavelength of light to destroy 99.9% of germs without damaging your device. While it may be difficult to find a portable lamp for your tablet, if you have an average-sized phone, something like the HoMedics UV-Clean Sanitizer will work quite well.

It’s a bit pricey, but certainly worth the investment if you’re reluctant to use liquid sanitizer.

#2: Antimicrobial Protective Case

An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms and stops their growth onto other objects or surfaces. Some protective cases contain antimicrobial properties that help reduce the numberof germs that collect on your phone’s screen. Not only do these types of cases reduce microbes by 99.99%, they also insulate against drop damage — an action that almost every owner is guilty of.

An antimicrobial protective case isn’t required, however. All cases provide a certain level of protection against dirt and grime. Some cases even come with well-designed features such as raised edges to elevate your device from surfaces.

#3 Antimicrobial Screen Protector

While some protective cases include a plastic cover that keeps the screen from being scratched, antimicrobial glass screen protectors are basically a necessity with how much we raise our phones to our face or touch our phone’s screens.

While many glass protectors are quite pricey, most come with a lifetime guarantee as long as you register the product. If the screen protector ever cracks or shatters, you can order a new one for free. The only way to void the guarantee is by upgrading the size or make of your phone.

#4 Microfiber Cloth

While you’re out and about, one of the easiest ways to clean your screen is by giving it a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth. Not only does it eliminate germs and bacteria from your phone, but it won’t scratch your screen.

Microfiber also attracts and removes oils and dust, whereas other products or wipes just spread them around your phone. Microfiber cloths are fairly inexpensive but the same one should not be used repeatedly. Stock up on them to make sure you’re actually removing germs rather than added them all over your phone.

#5 Scotch Tape

Although somewhat unconventional, a strip of Scotch Tape can work wonderfully when in a pinch. Just stick the tape to the front of the screen and peel it off, taking any dirt and dust with it. If possible, use wide-body tape for a quicker and better result. Scotch Tape is basically a lintbrush for your screen!