Do These 5 Things to Improve the Battery Life of Your Device

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Although the life expectancy of your device’s battery has drastically improved over the years, lithium-ion batteries, which most mobile devices use, will eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. The last thing you want to happen is for your phone to die when you are expecting an important call or need to send out a last-minute email or text.

While some batteries are of higher quality than others, there are ways to improve the longevity of your battery so you aren’t replacing it sooner than expected. We’ve put together a list of five things you must do to increase the battery life of your device.

#1: Charge Before ‘Low Battery’ Alert

One thing you want to avoid is “deep discharge cycles.” This is when you wait to charge your device after it dips below the 20% mark. A fully discharged battery requires more current than usual, causing the internal cells of your battery to overheat.

A good rule of thumb is to recharge your device with about a fourth (25%) of its battery remaining. This will allow the current required (mAmps) to charge the battery to stay under a safe range.

#2: Avoid Fast Charging

Although the market is being flooded with fast charging kits, it’s best to avoid this method if you want to prolong your device’s battery life. Fast chargers use constant current to charge a battery quickly, putting it at risk of crossing the voltage limit set by the manufacturer.

The use of fast chargers will also increase the temperature of your device, which will further damage the battery. It’s widely known that high temperatures reduce the capacity of the battery. While some fast chargers work well, it’s not worth risking the longevity of your battery.

#3: Use the Correct Charger

Try to fight the urge to purchase a cheaper, generic brand of charger for your device in order to avoid damaging the battery. Because amperage on chargers differ, you’ll want to use the charger that either came with your device or an official replacement.

If you’re traveling or with a friend, try to avoid using their charger if at all possible. Charging a battery with the wrong amperage can not only reduce the life of the battery, it can severely damage it as well.

#4: Do Not Overcharge the Battery

As soon as your device is fully charged, make sure you remove the charger immediately. Batteries that are still being charged although they are already at 100% will experience what is called the “trickling current.”

Trickling current is when a constant current is being fed to your device’s battery to keep it fully charged. This process pushes the voltage of the battery higher, causing further damage to your battery. In some cases, the battery may even bulge due to the overcharging current.

#5: Don’t Charge Battery Too Soon

If you have a habit of charging your device when its battery level is only at 70-80%, you’re more than likely significantly reducing your battery’s lifespan. Aim to complete a full discharge-charge cycle when charging your device.

A discharge-charge cycle is when you charge your device around 20-30% back up to 100%. During charging, the charged lithium-ion travels from the cathode to anode. Charging your battery at 70-80% dumps more ions on the electrode than necessary, significantly reducing the life of your battery.