Every Home Should Have These 3 Innovative Appliances

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People feel most safe and comfortable when at home or surrounded by those they love. So, it makes sense they would want their living arrangements to be as efficient and convenient as possible. 

The level of technological innovation used to create some of the latest home appliances has increased exponentially over the last decade. It’s become nearly impossible to find a home that doesn’t come equipped with an automated device.

Below is a list of three innovative appliances that every home should have in some capacity. If the following appliances are completely new to you, do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t go another day without these products in your life.

#1: Video Doorbell/Security Camera

While cameras that show you who is at your front or back door are not all that knew, they’ve traditionally been very expensive and elaborate. Over the last decade, however, security cameras have become more affordable and easier to use.

A video doorbell can be paired with your smart device so you can see who is at the door even when you’re not at home. It also comes equipped with a microphone for two-communication. You’re able to know who is outside your home and what they want without actually opening the door. Many video doorbells can also be linked with a smart lock.

#2: Smart Mattress/Bed

Falling asleep at night can often be very difficult, depending on the type of day you’ve had. Even when you wake in the morning, you may feel as though you didn’t sleep that well. That’s where a smart mattress can be immensely beneficial.

You can track the amount of sleep you’re getting — or not getting — and troubleshoot how you can fix your restless nights. Smart mattresses can also analyze your heart and breathing rates and calculate the specific amount of hours of REM cycles and deep sleep you’re getting each night. Similar to a smartwatch, you can sync a smart mattress to your phone.

#3: Automatic Soap Dispensers

Whether it’s dish soap, hand soap, or detergent, the use of an automatic soap dispenser is tantamount to a clean and healthy home. It reduces the risk of surface-based infections and eliminates the unnecessary spreading of germs throughout the home.

Prior to washing your hands, clothes, or dishes, you come in contact with an array of dirt, grime,and bacteria. Spreading that filth to soap bottles often defeats the purpose of trying to stay clean. Automatic soap dispensers use sensors to squirt soap into your hands, eliminating the need to touch anything.

They really should come standard in every home!