Fall Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Start Shopping

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If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you’ve spent most of 2020 in sweatpants and t-shirts. 

While it’s nice to be comfortable and cozy, there is something to be said for putting on a cute outfit. 

Not only do you feel more put together, but fashion is fun! Though we don’t have a ton of places to go these days, that doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping or putting outfits together. 

Keep your sweatpants, stay cozy in your pajamas, but if you’re wanting to step up your fashion game, here are a few fall trends you may want to start shopping!


If you’re wanting to step-up your outfit but you don’t want to get too crazy, wear something with a little bit of fringe! 

Fringe jackets are super in right now (denim, suede, and even trench coats), as are jeans with fringe at the bottom. 

The added texture will give your outfit a western feel, but if done correctly, won’t look like you’ve arrived from the farm. 

Jewel Tones 

Everyone seemed to be rocking neon over the summer, but now it’s time to focus on jewel-toned colors.

Emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue are all very in style this fall and look great on pretty much every skin tone. 

Whether you’re wanting to buy a new jacket, a pair of boots, or a staple sweater, go for one in these rich tones. 


Cher from Clueless is calling and she wants you to know plaid is definitely back in style. From plaid skirts to plaid pants (even plaid dresses), you truly cannot wear enough plaid this fall. 

If you’re wanting to adopt the plaid trend but don’t want to take it too far, grab a plaid headband or cute plaid scarf. OK, I think I’ve said “plaid” enough here, you get the gist!


No, we’re not just talking about that one shade that people tried to pass off as “nude” for years, we’re talking about nudes of all different skin tones. 

From oatmeal to camel to a rich brown, nudes are totally in style right now. Nude coats are all the rage, as are a great pair of nude boots. 

Shearling Coats 

If you’re looking for a cute but comfortable way to stay cozy this winter, consider buying a shearling coat. 

Some people are loving the long shearling trench coat, while others prefer it as a little detail on a leather jacket.