These 5 Creative Cleaning Hacks Will Leave Your Grill Looking Like New

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Steak, chicken, and even vegetables taste so much better on the grill, especially when cooked over charcoal. There’s just something about food that’s been cooked over an open flame that an oven or stovetop can’t replicate.

The only drawback is having to clean and sanitize the grill after it’s done its job. While most aren’t deterred from using a grill due to the cleanup process, others avoid cooking over the flames for this very reason.

If you enjoy cooking over the grill but despise the extra cleaning effort, check out the following cleaning hacks that will leave your grill looking like new without all the fuss.

Hack #1: Give it a Good ‘Steam Clean’

Once you’ve determined that you’re done cooking for the day, let your grill cool down for a few minutes before cleaning to void accidentally burning yourself. 

As you wait, grab some newspaper and soak it in a bowl of water. Next, lay the wet paper on top of the grill and close the lid for about 30 minutes to give it a good steam clean. Simple as that!

Hack #2: Unique Liquid Cleaners

The following three substances can be used to make grill-cleaning less strenuous and time-consuming. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bottle and spray the solution on the grill. After about 10 minutes, fill the same bottle with only vinegar and use it to clean the grill and its interior.

You can also soak your grill and cooking utensils in coffee for hard-to-remove food that’s been left behind. The acid in the coffee breaks down the caked-on grime. You may also pour half a bottle of beer on the grill and wipe it clean with a newspaper or a wire brush.

Hack #3: Baking Soda and Onion Scrub

If you have some baking soda lying around, sprinkle some on the grill and dissolve a little more in water. Grab a sponge and scrub the grill until not a trace of baking soda can be found. You’ll be left with a sparkling clean grill.

If for some reason you don’t have or use baking soda, stick an unwanted onion to the end of a fork and rub it over the bars while the grill is still slightly warm. The water from the onion steam cleans the grill, removing any stuck-on morsels.

Hack #4: It’s All About the Base

When using charcoal, it’s extremely important to remove old ash from the bottom of the grill before cooking again. Depending on the size and type of your grill, tip the unwanted debris into a bucket. Use a damp towel to collect any remains. Finish the job by giving the base a thorough cleaning.

Hack #5: Turn Up the Heat

Now that you’ve given your grill a top to bottom scrub, it’s ready to be used again. In order to ensure that your next experience is just as good as your last, heat up your grill for approximately 15 minutes before placing your food.

Doing so will eliminate any cleaning agents that were left behind after your last scrubbing. This simple hack will prohibit you from compromising food taste the next time you use the grill to cook.