These 5 Portable Tech Gadgets Will Make Your Life More Convenient

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Electronic gadgets are getting smaller and smaller as technology advances each day. While most people own arguably the most important portable device, a smartphone, there are other small electronic gadgets that could make your everyday life so much easier.

Below is a list of five portable gadgets that you might want to consider purchasing in order to make life more convenient.

#1: Self Cleaning Water Bottle

While it doesn’t take much effort or time to clean your water bottle, scrubbing it free of germs and bacteria with just soap doesn’t always do the trick. Besides, cleaning it every day can become a bit obnoxious.

Self-cleaning water bottles use UVC light to destroy unwanted grit and grime left behind by constant use and unfiltered water. Most self-cleaning water bottles boast of purifying up to 99.99% of germs.

#2: Portable Smartphone Printer

It’s safe to say that most people choose their smartphones based on how well it captures pictures. While it’s easy to share your memories via text message or on social media, sometimes it’s nice to have your images in physical form.

This is where a portable smartphone printer comes in handy. Use your phone’s Bluetooth technology to connect with the device and quickly print out a photo you just took. Create your own photo album on the go without the need of a Wi-Fi connection.

#3: Portable Mini Speaker

If you’re having a picnic or enjoying time at the beach or in the mountains with friends, the latest musical hits can certainly liven up the occasion. While many speakers can be transported in a vehicle or larger backpack, having a portable speaker that fits in the palm of your hand is a game changer.

It provides powerful sound and plenty of bass for your listening pleasure for up to 15 hours before needing a charge. It easily pairs with most smart devices via Bluetooth.

#4: On-The-Go Language Translator

Every year, more and more people from other countries are relocating to the United States — a phenomenon that is absolutely wonderful for the country’s diversity. What makes this transition difficult is the language barrier.

Since learning a new language takes time, the use of a portable language translator is the perfect solution. Some devices can translate up to 75 different languages. Thanks to a built-in microphone, the device detects a person’s voice, deciphers the language, and translates simultaneously.

#5: Portable Battery Charger

Regardless of how much or how little you use your smartphone and other electronic devices, the battery will eventually need to be charged. If you’re going to be out and about nowhere near a power source, you’ll want to bring along a portable battery charger.

Most battery chargers are roughly the length of the latest smartphone and twice as thick, making it easy to carry in your pocket or purse. A majority of portable battery chargers are super lightweight and can charge your devices more than twice before needing a charge itself.